Thanks for stopping by! I’m Stacy, the designer and artist behind what you see here. I am based in the DFW area working out of my home studio.



I was born and raised in North Texas, a Texan through and through. I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Stephen F. Austin, located in the beautiful Piney Woods of East Texas. My love for nature is what drew me out there with the intentions to major in design and horticulture. However, I shortly discovered my affections for art history. I graduated in 1999 with an emphases in Graphic Design and a minor in Art History. 



On the day of graduation, I packed what I could fit in my 2-door, white, Honda Accord and made the long trek from East Texas to South California. There, I started  a new job located in Orange County, California. I worked there for five years as a graphic artist and web designer.  

Shortly after my first pregnancy, I elected to stay home. During this time, I fulfilled my need to create through designing invitations for friends and family.

 I found my way back to the DFW area when we moved in 2007. I continued to design invitations on the side and then in the summer of 2011, Lemonade Moments was born. A shop I opened on Etsy, where I sold my designs and, by God’s grace, it took off.  


In 2014, I stumbled upon some of my artwork from college, tucked away in the closet, that ignited the desire to start creating with non-digital media again. It was then that I tried my hand at watercolor, a medium that was brand new to me. I fell in love with it immediately and haven't stopped.

That's my journey so far. It’s been wonderful from the start and one that I wouldn’t trade for the world.



Stacy Zeledon


    Custom House Portrait Featured ~ Oct 2020


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    Featured watercolor flamingo print ~ Published June 2016

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